Advantages of a Log Home

Natural Log Homes have maintained their popularity for hundreds years, and today they’re better than our forefathers could ever have imagined. If you’re considering log construction, then you’ve probably discovered that there is a cost difference from conventionally built homes. That’s because large, whole logs naturally cost more, and because of their nature, log homes are more labor-intensive. At Bromley Construction & Log Homes, we make sure you understand the complete process of building a log home, and we’ll walk you through every step of the way. The most important process of building a home is good planning, and Bromley Construction and Log Homescan assist you with all phases of the planning and building process!


Why Log Homes Are Unique
Hand-crafted log homes are one-of-a-kind because of the character of each individual log. We pride ourselves on careful log selection, resulting in a log structure that puts its best face forward! It’s helpful to understand that all log buildings settle, and because of that, certain considerations need to be made. A conscientious log builder allows for settling to take place around doors, windows, interior walls and floor systems without compromising the structural integrity.
That’s just one of the details to which we pay special attention. Log homeowners appreciate the fact that log homes have a better ability to retain the ambient inside temperature longer than conventional homes, releasing the heat or cooling back into the home for a longer period of time. (This is high “U” value at work.)
Where to Start
First, we’ll recommend a reliable architect or draftsman. We’ll offer helpful suggestions on home layout and placement on your property. And we’ll continue the process, all the way through your new home, from electrical and plumbing fixtures, to windows and their placement in the floor plan, door styles, cabinetry, heating systems, and roofing options. We’ll help you choose the right interior wall and ceiling finishes for your lifestyle and recommend types of flooring. What’s more, we can also offer ideas on exterior landscaping, and show you how masonry materials such as river rock, slate, moss rock, or other indigenous materials to your area can add the final touches to your dream home. Bromley Construction and Log Homes can answer many questions you may not have even thought of yet, making the construction process a pleasure and an exciting adventure toward realizing the log home of your dreams! “Proper Planning leads to proper performance”
Bromley Construction and Log Homes has made available the following Adobe Acrobat files to assist our prospective customers in gathering information on log homes and the planning process.

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